Apostille & Legalisation of the documents

To use a document internationally, it must be approved by the consulate / specified authority of the country of origin in the relevant country or must be certified as Apostilled in the country where they are issued. Each country determines an authorized place for the preparation of the Apostille approval documents (such as the ministry governorship, or […]

2023 Work Permit Government Fees & Card Prices

2023-Government fees and work permit card prices Permit type/duration Fees type Government fees Temporary/up to 1 year ( including 1 year) Temporary work permit certificate 3.090,20 ₺ missing card price 1.545,10 ₺ Temporary/more than 1 year and up to 2 years ( including 2 years) Temporary work permit certificate 6.180,40 ₺ missing card price 3.090,20 […]